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So, you run a manufacturing company.

In the last 10 years you’ve:

Survived the great recession

Navigated a change in ownership

Grown your customer base

Continued to invest in the latest technology

Got your arms around your culture and brand

You’re doing everything right…

so why isn’t your top-line growing
as fast as you know it should?

I’m Ray Ziganto.  I’ve been in your shoes, but I know how to move the needle.

I started my consulting firm, Linara International, to have an impact on the manufacturing industry. I can have a bigger impact helping multiple companies then I can ever have within the four walls of one organization, independent of how many locations they have.

I am known for my ability to see patterns and trends, and translate those into innovative opportunities and meaningful business results. I have successfully led facility start-ups, technology additions/transfer, and customer diversification efforts for an integrated global manufacturing firm that employed more than 1500 employees in the U.S., China and Mexico.

What’s your goal? What’s your vision?  Where do you need to be?

 I won’t just show you how…
I’ll help you get the results!

Steps to success

Enough already!

You know something needs to happen…

Call me today.
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