I bring the experience, perspective and resources innovative manufacturers need to grow, compete, and kick ass. 

My experience in manufacturing and technology gives me the advantage of being able to see the big picture while keeping my eye on the end result. I bring what I’ve learned, you bring what you’ve learned, and together we’ll find a better solution.

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Where others see chaos, I see opportunities!

“I started Linara International to have an impact on the manufacturing industry.   I can have a bigger impact helping multiple companies then I can ever have within the four walls of one organization, independent of how many locations they have.”


I know who you are.  I’ve been you. 

 I know how hard it is to stay competitive and relevant, both domestically and internationally.  My experiences & capabilities are unique and valuable to your goals.

 You know where you need to go. I’ve been in your shoes. I can help you win.


Technology has never moved faster. Now is not the time to stay on the sidelines and watch what happens.    

 Most organizations feel that in order to make big progress, they need to commit big resources. The power of an idea isn’t how many dollars you throw at it.

 What is needed is an innovator to step in and light the fuse for an opportunity that can return millions of dollars in ROI.


My experience in international manufacturing and technology will get you the results you need.

  •  Manufacturers
    I help manufacturers compete globally by providing access to the latest IIoT tools, automation, production techniques, and common sense.
  • Technology Innovators
    I help tech innovators (from start-ups to Enterprise/OEM providers) reach the market.  I help manufacturers reach their full ROI by anticipating and managing the organizational change associated with the technology innovation.


“Ray is a ‘trip’ to work with!  He has a knack for seeing meaningful patterns and opportunities that our previous advisors all missed.”

VP Mfg Midwest Injection Molder

“We’re technologists trying to help manufacturing companies. Ray has been instrumental in building the bridge we need to scale our company”

CEO Tech Start-Up

I am your game-winning asset that provides
profitable solutions to complex manufacturing problems.

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